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We are very keen to make the latest version of our Spoon Guru application ("our app") as good as it can possibly be and we would love to hear your feedback. As a good will gesture, during the period 1 November 2015 to 29 February 2016 Spoon Guru Limited will donate £1 to Allergy UK for each new Bug Report received and actioned by us.

A Bug Report is feedback received from users of our app through email to or via our app which reports an error (rather than opinion) with the app's operation or content including recipe or food recommendations that are found by Spoon Guru's nutritionists not to fit a user's food preference profile, incorrect nutritional information, difficulties with the operation of the app's features but not including technical drop outs of the server or any incorrect information contained in third party sites including those containing recipe directions or retailer's e-commerce platforms. 

A Bug Report is deemed to be new when it is a new issue that has not already been notified or fixed. 

A Bug Report is deemed to be actioned when Spoon Guru elects to fix the problem.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall constitute a legally binding obligation on Spoon Guru Limited or any of its officers or employees. 

Thank you!

The Spoon Guru Team


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